Interior Gutting
Our full service gutting is just what it sounds. We will strip an entire area or full building of everything but the base structural components. Using our “last built/first off” method, we will reverse engineer your structure. Why is this important? It helps insure structural soundness as we break down your site. This increases worker safety for us, you and any third party contractors on site. Additionally, we clean as well go making sure debris does not interfere with your work.
Dumpster Rentals
For more limited jobs, we offer dumpster service. We will bring out to you our 15 or 20 yard dumpsters. Your job? Just fill them. Our regularly scheduled removal service will make your debris, materials and rubbish disappear.
Rubbish Removal
Sometimes you simply don't have the space for a dumpster. Moreover, you may need things taken off-site immediately. Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. can help ease your mind with our rubbish removal service. We'll show up with “live load” trucks and cart your rubbish off on the spot. Don't have time to load your rubbish? No problem. Our skilled laborers can do it for you.
Junk Removal
If you have that old, junk item you just need to be removed, Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. can do it for you. Call us and we'll respond with the truck necessary to remove your junk. It doesn't matter where it is – garage, basement, attic – we'll collect it and remove it from your premise.
Clean - Outs
Our full cleanout service is just what it sounds like. We'll come out to your site and do a full removal of everything in sight. You'll know we're done when we do our signature broom sweep of the entire area. We buy houses!

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The Bedford flag’s proud motto is in Latin. It says “Vince aut Morire” meaning “conquer or die”.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal has been performing demolition on Crosby Drive in Bedford for many years.  There are always tenants moving in and out of office space there. Cam’s has also dismantled some of the office spaces on Middlesex Turnpike.  We have worked nights, weekends and holidays in the buildings in Bedford.  Cam’s Demolition & Disposal has been in business since 1977 meeting clients’ schedules.

In 1994, we started Cam’s Disposal, a dumpster rental company.  We have followed the same principles that the success of Cam’s Demolition and Disposal was built on.  Our clients come first.

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