Clean - Outs
Cams' Demolition has laborers and trucks for every situation that may arise with a cleanout. As a full service demolition contractor we own all of our equipment to provide you with a cost effective cleanout. For cleanouts we have tailgate trucks, ramp trucks, dump trucks, pick-ups and dumpster trucks. All cleanouts are left broom swept. We buy old homes!
Dumpster Rentals
Cam's 15 and 20 yard dumpsters are ideal for home owners rubbish removal and most home remodeling projects. Our 25 and 30 yard dumpsters are for the larger rubbish removal projects and contractors. Free delivery and free pick up.
Interior Gutting
Interior gutting typically involves complete gutting of a building, leaving only the main structural components. Cam's Demolition differentiates themselves from other demolition contractors by dismantling materials in reverse order - last built is first off. Cam's Demolition crews continually remove the debris while gutting. This provides a safe and clean work area for our customers and demolition crews.
Junk Removal
Our Brighton, MA junk removal team can efficiently remove junk from anywhere on your premise. Junk appliances, junk furniture, attic junk, basement junk, garage junk and yard junk will quickly disappear.

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Brighton, MA was a cattle and horticultural town in the 1800’s.  By 1866, Brighton had 41 slaughter houses.  Later, they were consolidated into the Brighton Stock Yards.

My father had a dry cleaning business on Washington Street for almost 40 years.  It was called Teddy’s Cleaners. Cam’s Demolition and Disposal has been performing demolition in Brighton, MA since the 80s, and like our father, we have formed a bond with the people of Brighton.  Cam’s has been into the homes of Brighton residents, gutting out family rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.  We have cleaned out many apartments in Brighton as well.

Cams Disposal has been delivering dumpster-roll offs to residents and contractors since 1994.  We own a small truck to maneuver into many tight spaces in Brighton.  Cam’s offers many size dumpster-roll offs to accommodate most driveways ranging from our 10 yard dumpster to our 30 yard dumpster.

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