Interior Gutting
We are more a dismantling company. Cam’s crew demo’s materials in a reverse order – last built is first removed. This provides a safe and clean work area.
Clean - Outs
Cam’s Demo has laborers and trucks to meet any challenges that arise. We own all our own equipment passing the savings on to you. All clean-outs are left broom swept. We buy old homes!
Rubbish Removal
Cam’s will provide a crew and a truck for a “live load.” When space is limited we will pile the debris then truck it out immediately. Cam’s will remove the debris from attics, basements or backyards.
Dumpster Rentals
Free delivery and pick up service when ordering your dumpster. Rent a 10 yard or 15 yard for small jobs, or a 30 yard dumpster for large construction jobs.
Junk Removal
Everett has junk yards everywhere. Cam’s pushes for recycling. Call us for junk appliances, junk radiators and boilers. We will recycle all junk metals.

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Did you know Everett was originally part of Charlestown, and later Malden? It separated from Malden in 1870. In 1892, Everett changed from a town to a city.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal opened in 1994, and since then has acquired a storage yard in Everett. This means Everett customers can enjoy “same day” dumpster rental services. We store 5 different sized dumpster containers in Everett ranging from our 10 yard dumper to our 30 yard dumper. Cam’s unique hook life trucks can deliver your dumpster in the narrowest of driveways. With parking limited, we work with customers and neighbors for best delivery times. Cam’s 10 yard dumpster containers are only 13.5 feet long and 4 feet high. Our 30 yard dumpster roll-off is 17.5 feet long and 6 feet high. This is much shorter than standard 22 foot roll-off containers. Between our particular hook-lift trucks, shorter but higher dumpster roll-offs, Cam’s delivers where others can’t. Call our tested staff today with your dumpster order.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal has gutted single, two and three family homes in Everett, MA. Home owners call us to demo their kitchen and bathrooms too. Cam’s removes the dumpster container the same day they finish the demolition job. Owning our own equipment enables us to complete the job quicker. Cam’s highly experienced, skillful crews are OSHA certified, also. We have been demoing and dismantling for almost 40 years. Call our trained staff for a free Demolition or Dumpster quote!