Interior Gutting
We can gut entire rooms or entire structures piece by piece. Using our signature “last built/first off” deconstruction method, we will carefully break down and remove material one step at a time. Our industry experience has proven this the safest and most affordable method of deconstruction as it leaves the site easy to access during deconstruction and provides a superior degree of safety for our workers, our clients and even other contractors. When finished, we'll leave you with a fully stripped and ready building structure.
Dumpster Rentals
Dumpster rentals are yet another service we offer. Whether you have a large scale construction project or your doing some home remodeling, our 10 to 30 cubic yard dumpsters can be perfect for any size job. We will schedule delivery and timely pickup with you anywhere in Lynnfield, MA.
Rubbish Removal
If you have no room for a dumpster – no problem. Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. will come to your site with our “live load” trucks and haul away rubbish on the spot. We also have full labor teams who will perform the gathering of materials should you wish, leaving your only job being to call us.
Junk Removal
Sometimes you just have a one-off junk item that needs to be removed. That old washing machine? No problem. Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. will come to you and take it away. For added convenience, we'll haul it out to the truck for you as well. No need to get your hands dirty at all. We always recycle too.
Clean - Outs
We also do full building cleanouts. We'll go through the entirety of your building and remove everything. You'll know we're done when our team does an entire broom sweep of the area to get the last of the debris. We buy old homes too!

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In 2012, the old 18 hole colonial golf course was transformed into Market Street in Lynnfield. They kept 9 holes and added a 300,000 square foot open-air shopping center. There are apartments, restaurants, shopping and recreational areas there. Cam’s Demolition & Disposal provided both labor and dumpsters to the Market Street project. Our trained crew worked alongside the general contractor to help complete the job.

Cam’s is a full service demolition company. We own hundreds of dumpster containers ranging from 10 yards to 30 yards. We have gutted out many kitchens and bathrooms in Lynnfield and we make sure to take away all the demolition or construction debris when we leave. Our professional crew has been OSHA certified. The veteran employees have been with Cam’s for many years, and have practiced our proven methods over and over again. Cam’s crews have done both residential and commercial demolition.