Clean - Outs
Cams' Demolition has laborers and trucks for every situation that may arise with a clean out. As a full service demolition contractor we own all of our equipment to provide you with a cost effective cleanout. For cleanouts we have tailgate trucks, dump trucks, pick-ups and dumpster trucks. All cleanouts are left broom swept.
Dumpster Rentals
Cam’s has the right size dumpster for you. Residents or contractors can rent a 10 cubic yard to a 30 cubic yard. We recycle, so you can order a metal only, wood only or concrete only dumpster. Stay green and call now!
Interior Gutting
Interior gutting typically involves complete gutting of a building, leaving only the main structural components. Cam's Demolition differentiates themselves from other demolition contractors by dismantling materials in reverse order - last built is first off. Cam's Demolition crews continually remove the debris while gutting. This provides a safe and clean work area for our customers and demolition crews.
Junk Removal
Our Medford, MA junk removal team can safely remove your junk anywhere. Junk appliances, old radiators, junk from inside and outside your home. All the junk will disappear quickly and efficiently.
Rubbish Removal
Cam’s will provide rubbish removal service when you have no room for a dumpster-rental. Rubbish can be consolidated by you or by our laborers and removed. Cam’s will go in the house, cellar, attic or the back yard. We won’t leave until you’re totally satisfied.

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Wright’s Pond, located on Elm Street, offers swimming, picnicking and shaded areas for relaxing, and only Medford residents are able to enjoy this wonderful location.  It was man made in 1888.  The pond is approximately 24 acres and about 10 feet deep.

I lived in Medford growing up so the residents and businesses hold a special place in my heart. Cam’s always tries to give a good, fair demolition or dumpster quote.

Cam’s has done a lot of demolition in Medford Square, where the old theatre was. We removed many dumpster-containers of old wood, chairs and debris.  Our skilled laborers can do residential or commercial demolition.  Cam’s will gut your kitchen or bathroom for you.  We will bring a truck, if a dumpster-container will not fit.  Everything will be gone in one day…the debris, dust, laborers and dumpster.  Now that’s hassle free, one stop shopping!! Call now!!