Interior Gutting
– Utilizing a “last built/first off” deconstruction method, we will take a building apart piece by piece just how it was assembled and finished. As we work, we will continuously remove debris and materials from the building. We use this exacting method to provide our clients with the highest degree of safety and usability throughout our operation so both clients and other contractors can safely work in the area.
Dumpster Rentals
– For those simply needing trash removed – be it for a home improvement or larger building project – we offer many different sizes from 10 cubic yards to 30 cubic yard dumpster rentals. Our dumpster rentals include delivery of dumpster as well as hauling off, which you schedule with us at your convenience, leaving you free to focus on your project.
Rubbish Removal
We recognize not all customers have the luxury and space available for dumpsters, be it space restrictions or aesthetic issues on the construction site. For those customers, Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. offers full rubbish removal services. You can load rubbish to be removed into an area for pickup or even utilize our team of skilled and experienced laborers and we'll remove rubbish from wherever you need. We can offer you the cleanup crews and let you focus on the project at hand with this no-hassle service.
Junk Removal
We also remove junk items from both homes and businesses. If you have large items such as old AC units, refrigerators, washers, dryers – we can come out to you and remove them. What's more, you need do nothing but call us – our team will remove the junk item from wherever it might be currently – even from a basement or attic.
Clean - Outs
Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. also offers full cleanout service. This is a full scale cleaning and removal service. We will go through the entirety of a building and remove everything from trash to debris and old materials. We will even do a final sweep of all floors before we leave. We buy old homes!

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The land that comprises Melrose was first explored in 1628 and was once part of Charlestown and then Malden. It became the Town of Melrose in 1850 and then the City of Melrose in 1900. The population peaked in 1970 at approximately 33,000 residents, and there has been a slow decline continuing to this day.

Cam’s Demolition and Disposal has worked for many contractors from Melrose.  We helped with the Greenwood’s building on Main Street and we’ve worked for DeCroteau Realty, too.  We have done both residential and commercial demolition in Melrose, MA.

Cam’s Disposal has provided dumpster-containers to Melrose residents since 1994. The lots in Melrose are small and Cam’s Disposal is able to deliver and pick-up dumpsters with their hook-lift truck.  This truck can get into tight places and makes it so we can place your dumpster wherever you’d like it.  The dumpsters are lettered, clean and solid so they will never be an eye sore on your property.  Call today for a free quote.