Interior Gutting
We do full interior gutting. Using Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. signature method of deconstruction, we will do a “last built, first off” gutting for you. This method assures the highest levels of safety possible, keeping your structure as sound as possible. We also clean up as we go, offering both customers and other contractors as safe a work environment as possible. We do full gutting until only the basic building structures remain.
Dumpster Rentals
If you're doing smaller business, or perhaps home remodeling, we also offer dumpster service. Choose between our 10 cubic yard dumpsters to 30 cubic yard dumpsters. We can schedule regular pickups anywhere in the North Reading, MA area for hassle free clean up for your project. We offer “same day service” in North Reading. You can choose between our 10 cubic yard dumpsters to our 30 cubic yard dumpsters.
Rubbish Removal
– If your work/building site has nowhere for a dumpster, then Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc.'s rubbish removal service is there for you. You can simply pile up what you need to be taken away and our team will “live load” a truck and haul it away for you. For those wishing more help, our experienced laborers will collect rubbish for you from whatever location, leaving you free to continue working. We'll work with you to find the next solution for your time and budget. Whatever your needs, we'll clear out your area for you.
Junk Removal
– Perhaps you just have an item or two. An old washer or dryer? No problem. You can call us and we'll come and take care of it for you. And don't worry about location, we'll remove it from wherever it is – be it the backyard, garage or perhaps the attic or basement. Regardless, we'll get it out of your home and off your mind.
Clean - Outs
Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. offers turnkey cleanouts. What does that mean? Our labor teams will go through your entire site and remove everything in site and haul it away for you. And we do mean everything. You'll be left with nothing but a freshly swept floor when we leave. We have all the equipment necessary to perform any cleanout requested. We buy homes!

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Ipswich River Park is North Reading’s “quiet place”.  The park is on 49 acres and is truly a “one of a kind haven”.  There is a 2 mile walking path, canoe launch, tennis and basketball courts and many other activities there for residents to enjoy.

I live in North Reading, so Cam’s Demolition & Disposal must keep their customers who live there very happy.  Our office is in Wilmington enabling us to offer great and speedy service.  Cam’s buys their gas, diesel and truck parts in North Reading as well.  We are avid believers in supporting the town we live in.  Our office staff is experienced and courteous.  They can help you choose the right dumpster for your needs.  Cam’s dumpsters are well maintained, lettered and clean so they will never be an eye sore on your property. We maintain all of our trucks and dumpster containers continually.  Cam’s is committed to making your experience with us an easy, and pleasant one.  Call us today!