Interior Gutting
We employ a “last built/first off” method of deconstruction. We will literally unbuild your structure one piece at a time. This method produces a far higher degree of safety than other methods and allows clients and contractors alike a high degree of access to the site even as we work. What's more, we continually clean as we go, keeping the site free of debris and safer to move through.
Dumpster Rentals
If you're doing home remodeling or smaller scale commercial work, you may simply need rubbish and materials hauled away. If so , our dumpster rentals might be perfect for your job. We offer both 15 and 20 yard dumpsters with regularly scheduled pickup service through Wakefield, MA. We'll take care of your removal needs and let you focus on the project at hand.
Rubbish Removal
Some building sites simply don't allow for dumpsters, be it a space issue or need for immediate removal of materials. If so, Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. offers full service rubbish removal. You can either lay out debris to be taken away or use our team of experienced laborers who will do the hauling and collection for you.
Junk Removal
If you have just an item or two you need removed – old appliances, boilers, radiators, pools etc., then our junk removal service is ideal for you. We'll send a truck out to you to remove the unwanted junk. You don't even have to bring it out. Our laborers will get it where it lies, be it in your yard, attic, basement or garage. The only thing you have to do is call us.
Clean - Outs
Our full cleanout service is just what it sounds like. We'll go through your entire home or business and remove absolutely everything and haul it away for you. We leave absolutely nothing in our wake but freshly swept floors. We buy old houses, also.

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Do you know how Lake Quannapowitt got its name?  In 1847 Wakefield residents named the lake after an Indian.  His name was James Quannapowitt, one of the signers of the old Indian Deed of 1686.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal has been serving Wakefield for over 36 years.  With over 3 decades in business, we translate the know-how into savings for our customers.  Cam’s provides free demolition quotes and the best dumpster container prices.

Wakefield and Reading share household hazardous waste days.  They do it semi-annually.  Reading is first in May, then Wakefield in September.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal can be called upon for any size project, both small scale home improvements to large commercial construction projects.  We own a full range of demolition equipment.  Cam’s Disposal has hundreds of dumpster containers for you to choose from.  Our employees are skilled laborers, conscientious drivers and very courteous, knowledge office staff.  Call us today for a free quote.