Rubbish Removal
Sometimes your site just doesn't have room for dumpsters. We understand. We will come on site and take away your rubbish on an on demand basis. What more? You don't even have to be involved. We'll send our cadre of experienced laborers on site and we'll gather materials for removal for you.
Junk Removal
Cam's Disposal is committed to recycling. We will haul all of your junk metal to the scrap yard. Cam's removes old junk appliances, junk radiators and any other junk you have.
Clean - Outs
We offer full cleanout service. We will go room to room and remove everything you don't want to deal with. How thorough are we? The last thing we'll do is sweep the room for you. We buy old homes too!
Interior Gutting
We can completely gut your existing site. Using our tried and tested method of “last built/first off” deconstruction, we will carefully remove the entirely of your building, leaving only the base structures. We've learned from our decades of industry experience this is the safest and most cost effective way of doing gutting. As we piece by piece remove the underlying material, you'll find our methods leave ease of access to the building itself while maintaining the highest degrees of safety possible.
Dumpster Rentals
Sometimes you just need rubbish hauled away. That is where our dumpster service comes in. We have both 10 and 15 yard dumpsters available and can schedule regular hauls. Our job is to make your job easy. We haul away all your rubbish, materials and debris so you can focus on construction.

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Cam’s Demolition & Disposal is a green company that started in 1977 with a high focus on recycling. In the past few years Winchester has become one of the top green communities in Massachusetts and Cam’s is proud to continue to service them. In 2010, Winchester MA was among 18 communities to earn the “Green Community” designation, and in 2011, Winchester was 1 of 4 communities to participate in the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center solarize pilot program.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal uses deconstruction principles on all demolition projects in Winchester, MA. We have developed specialized skills and methods to perform demolition safely. These methods help us meet schedules with the least amount of disruption possible.

Deconstruction is a more green approach to demolition. Cam’s experienced crews remove and separate materials by types such as concrete, wood and metal. Once separated the materials are then recycled minimizing the amount of materials ending up in landfills. Cam’s provides our own clean, safe, and painted dumpsters for each of the recyclable materials at no additional cost to you.

Cam’s Disposal has rented dumpsters to Winchester residences and businesses for years. Our dumpster roll-off trucks and dumpster containers are maintained to the highest standards. Winchester customers can enjoy same day service being only one town away from our home office in Wilmington, MA. Please call early in the morning, and your delivery will be in the same day. Cam’s makes it so easy and affordable.

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