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Dumpster Rentals

Affordable Dumpster Rental Pricing

4’ x 8’ x 13.5’

image description

10 Yards
1.5 tons




4’ x 8’ x 13.5’

image description

15 Yards
2 tons
4.5’ x 8’ x 16.5’

image description

20 Yards
3 tons
6.5’ x 8’ x 17.5’

image description

30 Yards
4 tons

Why would a demolition company start a dumpster roll-off service?

  1. To provide delivery and pick up 24/7 for their demolition customers.
  2. The dumpster containers can be used as a giant job box.
  3. Cam’s can also transport equipment with them, Bobcats, scissor lifts and floor scrapers.

Cam’s is committed to provide the same excellent service to our disposal customers.

  1. If you call early in the morning, Cam’s will deliver your dumpster that SAME DAY!!!
  2. Cam’s doesn’t charge for pick up or delivery.
  3. We offer affordable pricing. Then with our on line discount, our like us on FaceBook and our loyalty program, you can benefit with some of the cheapest dumpster prices.
Cam’s Company Color is blue. Your dumpster roll-off will be blue with white lettering. Your Dumpster is well maintained and looks good. Cam’s Disposal is proud to have it on your property. In fact, Cam’s receives many calls for dumpster orders, after noticing our roll – off containers.