Interior Gutting
Full gutting is just what it sounds like. We will deconstruct a site until only the basic structural components remain. While this can be both dangerous and complex, Cam's Demolition & Disposal Inc. uses specialized procedures to help protect contractors and customers on the site and let them work as needed. We deconstruct on a “last built, first off” basis – meaning we literally deconstruct a building in the reverse order it was put together, offering the highest degree of site safety possible. Even more, we clean and remove rubbish as we go keeping the site largely free of obstructions.
Dumpster Rentals
For clients looking to do large scale cleaning projects or home renovations, we offer dumpster rentals of either our 10 or 15 yard dumpsters. These are ideal for do it yourself jobs where you just need old debris removed. Contractor size roll-offs are available also. Cam’s rents 25 or 30 cubic yard roll-off containers.
Rubbish Removal
Sometimes there is just simply nowhere for a dumpster on site for your debris product. This is not an issue for us. You can arrange pickup of rubbish with one of our “live load” trucks. We'll come on site and haul everything away for you. We'll do whatever works best for your budget and schedule.
Junk Removal
Sometimes you just need junk items removed – old appliances, a pool perhaps. Whatever your needs, we can come to you and take the items off for you. If you prefer, our laborers will take it from wherever it may be – attic, basement, garage, and yard. All you have to do is call and Cam’s take care of the rest. We buy old homes, too.
Clean - Outs
Our labor teams do full cleanouts. We'll go room to room and floor to floor for a full cleanout service, hauling away all your unwanted rubbish and debris. And we do mean everything. The only thing we'll leave in our wake are freshly, broom swept floors. We have all the necessary equipment to give you a full, effective cleanout.

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Billerica was originally known as Shawshin by the local Native Americans.  In 1655, the settler’s named the town Billerica after Billericay in Essex, England. Most of the settlers that came over were originally from there.

Cam’s Demolition & Disposal has done a lot of commercial demolition in Billerica, MA.  We leverage all of our demolition and disposal experience over 37 years. We have worked at Technology Park performing interior demolition at the office buildings.  There we have worked days, nights or weekends to meet our customer’s needs.  Cam’s Disposal provides all of the roll-off containers, saving you money.

In 1994, Cam’s Demolition & Disposal expanded and opened a dumpster rental company. Billerica residents can rent dumpsters, and call for pick-up services or have their kitchens gutted out.  We can help you prepare for Billerica’s annual Hazardous Day.